Rudi's Motorradtouren

Kaunervalley Glacierroad

A tour into the first snow

Every year the same: okt. 3rd, tour of the Free-biker Sonthofen. And every year the same question: Where to go?
That’s the problem! In august and begin of september my question to the club-members: Think about a way to go on okt. 3rd!
Werner, my wife Petra and me went to Samnaun and the Arlbergpass on sept, 9th and we met a few motobike-drivers an the Pillerhöhe (a beautiful view into the valley where the Inn flows!). Those drivers wanted to go to the Kauner-valley up to 2750 m high! I said to Werner: “That would be a good tour for our club-tour! I’ve been there more than 15 years ago!
The next clubevening came and no answer at my question where to go. So I said: What about the Kauner-valley? It’s costs 10 € but it’s going up to 2750 m direct to the glacier! I’ve got a few pictures from a friend of mine from the internet (he was one of the group we met at Pillerhöhe) and a videomovie and it looks very good! – What about that?” No disagree from the “audience” and we wanted to do it.

But the weather was not with us! On Sunday, okt., 1st it says: “On Tuesday bad weather and a lot of rain and it’s gonna be colder!” In case of a trip to munic of mine, I spoke to a few members of the club and we conclude to push the tour to the okt., 8th .

My wife and me came back from munic on Monday evening and there was no bad weather in sight! On Tuesday morning the same! Shit! But in the evening, at 4:30 p.m. came the bad weather and it was very bad!!! So we had to do the tour, but on the way back home …..
On Friday, okt., 6th clubmeeting and I asked the other who would like to go with us on Sunday? The result was: 6 motobikes. Erwin from Bad Schussenried hat told me, that he would like to come with us too and so it could go!
Sunday morning at 10 a.m.: 6 motobikes, but not all from the club! Only 4 from the club an Erwin with a bikerfriend and we start our tour. The weather was a dream! Sunny but a little cold!

We drove from Sonthofen to Hindelang and up to the Oberjoch. The traffic was very heavy and the fun up to the Oberjoch was not big. This way is very good for motobiking, but only when there is no traffic! One time at the year there is a oldtimer-rallye there.
At the Tannheimer-valley the traffic was heavy too – no fun! One car after another and one turnover to the next. But after Nesselwängle – the last village in the valley – suddenly no traffic around!!! So we could go down the Gaicht-pass to Weissenbach with no car before us. Wonderful! Next came the Lech-valley. Through  Stanzach and 10 km later up to the Hahntennjoch – a street build for motorbikes!
At the beginning of the passstreet it was very cold and up to the top it went a little bit colder to. The bikerfriend from Erwin, left us there and drove back home. He said: “It’s too cold here and the Kaunervalley is 1000m higher!”
The rest of us went down to Imst into the valley. And then in the Pitzvalley. Through Arzl and Wenns and than we bend of to the right up to the Pillerhöhe. I’ve been there very often but the view into the valley – still a dream! Wonderful!
Next came Kaunerberg and the we bend of left into the Kaunervalley.

There at the Maut-station 10 € to pay and we could go on.
I’ve said to the other once: Up to the top – every one alone, no corso, every one so as he would like it – we’ll meet at the end of the street! So it goes!
I’ve made a few picture the way up. First at the Gepatschspeicher, a sea with snowy mountains around – it looks like a picturepostcard! The snow began at ca. 2200 m but not on the street. The street was free and we went up with big fun! We enjoy every turn and every curve – what would you wish more?!

Up on 2750 m it was warm! In the sun there was no cold outside. At the glacier the wintersport has begun and a few skidrivers and snowboarders where there to enjoy the first of winter!

After lunch we turn the way back into the ground of the valley. At Prutz a short tankstopp and then at the direction to Landeck. A few km before this town we bend right against up to the Pillerhöhe. Through Wenns and Arzl it went back to Imst and the to the Fernpass. At the begin of the Berwanger-valley two of us left us and took the way straight home – so long friends. So we where only three! In Namlos we took a stopp for a coffee. And then through Stanzach and Weissenbach. Up to the Gaichtpass and the Tannheimer-valley. The Oberjoch and Hindelang back to Sonthofen.
The weather was wonderful the whole day long and it was a good decision to take the tour on okt., 8th not on the 3rd ! It was a big tour – still a dream!

The whole tour is about 340 km long and you can see it on the sketch down here:

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