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Southtyrol Montagna 2008 - page 2

Sunday, 11.05.08:

Again at 09:00 we started off, this time towards Caldonazzo Lake.  From Montan over a narrow asphalt band towards Truden and on to Kaltenbrunn.  Behind S. Lugano we took a right towards Altrei.  The 6km stretch of road to town is in good shape and wide, but because of being wet could not be driven at the pace we wanted.  In Altrei the road turns to cobble stone and goes by on the left side of the church.  Now the road suddenly became very narrow, the space barely allows a motorcycle to squeeze by a oncoming car.

However, we did not have any oncoming traffic and we quickly got down into Val di Cembra.  Here we took a right and quickly drove towards Faver.  The road switches between being nice and wide to very narrow, but the sight is good and ideal for motorcycles.  In Faver we took a left into the valley and then through Lasés to the Caldonazzo Lake.  There we turned right and after a few kilometers left towards Carbonare.  Half the distance there (at S. Nicolo), we stopped for lunch.

Then we headed up to Passo di Sommo and left towards Tonezza.  Shortly before town, just as 3 years ago(!), the street was closed and we had to take a narrow side street.  The street was still partially covered in snow, so we had to be careful.

Nevertheless, we all made it without incident and we continued on.  After Tonezza turns off an almost imperceptible small asphalt ribbon, left towards the valley.

Once we arrived at the bottom we shortly went left and then immediately right again towards Asiago.  As narrow and small the previous section was this section was equally wide and large.  A curve rush with 17 hairpins!

We followed this route until Asiago and then turned left there towards Vézzena.  Here we took a cappuccino break.

Then we started on the Kaiserjäger-Strasse.  Time and again a enjoyment!  The view down towards Caldonazzo Lake and into Val Sugana – heavenly!

Here we took a group picture and headed into the valley.

After Borgo ensued the last highlight of the day: The Passo Manghen (for me one of the highlights of the entire Alps!).  Photo stop at the summit and then down to the Manghen hut.

But most quickly continued because it started to rain.  A few stayed at the top and took a break.  Then we drove, almost the entire way in a constant downpour, down towards Val di Fieme and back to Montan.

In a relaxed bout if discussion our last day together as a group came to an end.

Monday, 12.05.08:

All except Heike, Franz, Petra and I drove back home this day.  We said goodbye to the others and  started off to what would become a comfortable day. 

At first we drove back up to Truden, where I wanted to take a few pictures which was impossible the previous day with 12 motorcycles behind me.
Then down we went towards Auer and further south to Salurn. 

Here a road turns off the left, up to Gfrill.  It is a dead-end, but still a nice, quick side trip.

We drove back into the valley on the otherside and continued on to Kurtasch.  From there up the Fennberg, also a worthwhile side trip.

Also highly recommended is the Gasthof Plattenhof, famous for its pork hock!  The road up was deserted, but the top was a hive of activity.  The inn was very busy.

After lunch we allowed ourselves a break at the nearby small lake.

Then we headed back down to Kurtasch and over Truden and Altenburg (partially very steep climb) to Kaltern, where we already last Friday enjoyed some fantastic ice cream!  We wanted to go to Maniggler Lake, but because of the crowds of people we turned around and drove back to Montan. 

An enjoyable evening at the Gasthof Rose ended the day.

Tuesday, 13.05.08:

At 09:00 we headed towards home! 

Through Kaltern we drove to Eppan and then on the highway towards Meran.  Going up towards Vinschgau the heavy traffic in the area caught up with us again.  In Schlanders we left the main route and turned right towards Kortsch.  From there we drove, a sometimes very narrow road, through Tannas towards Schluderns.

Then undistrurbed we drive up the Reschenpass and up to Samnaun.  The cheapest gas (on this day € 1.01/Liter), and duty free shopping always make this detour worthwhile.

Continuing on the detour we decided to tackle the Piller-Höhe from Prutz and then hot footed it to the Fernpass (Hahntennjoch was unfortunately still closed).  On the Fernpass there was a lot of traffic again and some of the large trucks arduously made their way up the hill, because of this we did too!
At a rest stop we said our goodbyes to Heike and Franz (they wanted to drive home via Füssen) and we headed home via Reutte and the Tannheimer Tal back to Sonthofen.


Alltogether we clocked a good 1500km in six days. 

Even though we did not know some of the participants personally everything went smoothly.  It was a great group and it was a lot of fun! 

The weather cooperated, with exception of the descent from Passo Manghen. 

We had a lot of sun, great roads, little traffic and lots and lots of joy!

Hotel Schwarzer Adler (Tannheim)

Italien: Hotel Cristallo (Levico Terme)