Rudi's Motorradtouren

Tours outside the Allgäu

1. club tours of the Freebiker-Sonthofen (Allgäu)

The Freebiker-Sonthofen were founded at the end of 1996. In 1998 - on my initiative - the first 4-day club outing took place. The tours led us

with the exception of the tours 1999 and 2001, all tours were organized, carried out and the tours were worked out by me (in 2003 I only prepared and guided the two day tours)

There were always between 15 and 20 motorcycles and up to 25 people involved.

The tours were initially on the Ascension weekend or Pentecost, but now - due to the usually better weather - they always take place on the Corpus Christi weekend.

The club members have always been happy to be guided by me, as I have always found a good mix of narrow and wide roads (usually with little traffic) and scenic routes. As far as possible, "free driving" is made possible (especially on pass roads), so that everyone can drive as he or she likes and the "group pressure" is eliminated. This mixture has pleased everybody so far and everybody can "let off steam" if he wants to or as far as the traffic regulations / police allow it!



2. forum tours of the Alpenbiker Forum

In 2008 the 1st Forum Tour of the Alpenbiker Forum took place.

The previous tours led us

  1.     2008 to Montan in South Tyrol - More details under "Montan 2008"
  2.     2009 also to Montan in South Tyrol - More details under "Montan 2009"
  3.     2010 to the Salzburgerland - For more details see "Salzburgerland 2010"
  4.     2011 to the Jura in Switzerland - For more information see "Switzerland - Jura 2011".


3. other tours outside the Allgäu

A tour through the Harz mountains on 13. Sept. 2008

A tour to the Grossglockner and South Tyrol in October 2011

A 7-day tour of Trentino to Levico-Terme (with 5 day tours on site!) in September 2013

A 29-day tour to Norway from 07.08. - 04.09.2014 and a 25-day tour to Norway from 05.08. - 29.08.2016


For all tours I provide the respective tour sketch with route description and - if available - the roadbook for download. I have created the tour sketches as follows:  First I scanned the map, then I "drove" the exact route with the "freehand pencil" - (if possible every curve), then I removed the map and then I entered the prominent places/passes. Therefore the routes recorded in the tour sketches can be transferred accurately on any good map!

In addition, there is a google-earth-file for all tours, so that the tour can be viewed from the satellite perspective, as well as the possibility to download the tours to your navigation system.

I would be pleased if someone who has followed one of the tours, tells me his opinion or his experiences (in the guestbook or by e-mail)!

Italien: Hotel Cristallo (Levico Terme)