Rudi's Motorradtouren

Montan - Fugazze - Fittanze

Route description/characteristics:

The tour is particularly demanding not only because of the length of approx. 360 km, but above all because of the predominantly narrow and narrow roads with steep ascents and descents. Especially the approx. 70 km long section between Recoaro and Passo Fittanze requires a high degree of vehicle control. But the scenic charm of the tour is simply impressive!

From Montan, the route first leads directly to Trento and on to Rovereto.
Here the actual tour begins with the 25 km long dream stretch up to the Passo Pian delle Fugazze. Simply a pleasure!!!
Downhill is no less winding until Valli d. Pasubio. There, turn right over the small but beautiful Passo Xon to Recoaro. From there about 7 km to the south until a turn-off to the right, which you follow in the direction of Castelveccio. Continue steeply uphill to Marena and from there just as steeply downhill to Crespadoro. Then again steeply uphill to Bolca and S. Bortolo. The next stopover is Selva di Progno. In the direction of Bosco you reach Velo Varese. After Bosco it is not far to Passo Fittanze. The road down towards Ala has a gradient of more than 20% and offers wonderful views down into the Adige Valley.
At the bottom, turn left and follow the signs for Sabbionara and Avio. After Avio turn right again (small brown sign "Monte Baldo"). A dreamlike beautiful stretch of road! At first about 10 km on a relatively wide road uphill with lots of bends. Then to the left - narrower and even steeper - further 7 km uphill. At the top of the right-of-way sign turn right and after another 3 km you will reach the Bocca di Navene. On a clear day you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains.
The narrow road continues to Brentonicio and then widens to Mori. There it turns left and after a few kilometres right again to Ronzo-Chenis. Continuing over the Passo Bordola one reaches the Lago di Cei and up to the Monto Bondone.
From there it goes - broadly developed - in over 40 hairpin bends steeply downhill to Trento.
Then it is only a "stone's throw" via Lavis back to Montan.

Italien: Hotel Cristallo (Levico Terme)